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Scroll Buddha, Marlow Brooks


Mu Bussho

MU (Emptiness) & BUSSHO (“no big deal!”) “Emptiness.”

Empty of preconceptions, judgments, conclusions, and personal interpretations When Kobun Chino Roshi introduced me to bussho he said, “It means don’t worry, be happy!” ... So altogether, empty of all the above, we have no reason to worry!


Scroll Buddha

(2009 World Calligraphy Biennale of Jeollabuk-do, Korea.)

Done with pine needle brush.


Scroll Cutting Through

(After the style of Cheng Pan Ch’iao, Ching Dynasty, China)

You don’t need to be an artist to enjoy practicing calligraphy. It has been revered in China, Japan and other Asian countries as a wonderful practice to synchronize mind and body. The brush is soft and pliable, and has a will of its own. It is so flexible and responsive that it ruthlessly mirrors our distracted, divided selves and challenges us to relax, focus, and sharpen the mind enough to experience itself completely on the spot.



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