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Emergence, Marlow Brooks


We have all experienced evolving from formlessness to a tiny egg, into a vague shape, that slowly develops into a fully formed person within our mother’s womb. But most of us have forgotten that experience and are shocked and continue to be shocked by the fragmented condition we live in. We long for our original source of wholeness, and can only rediscover it within ourselves. The practice of calligraphy reenacts this experience. It gives us an opportunity to participate in the whole cosmic process, from primordial chaos to creation through simply gathering our mind, confronting initial blankness and chaos, daring to make the first dot, and then courageously wielding the brush to complete the process.


Hidden DragonWind HorseThunderLo River TurtleLingNothing Special

YiTalisman for Healing the BrainPlayLove
Beautiful Woman
Heaven's Rain
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Thunder TalismanDragon Green MountainGreen MountainHorseDragon
Wormhole Writing


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