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Hidden Dragons, Marlow Brooks

Hidden Dragons

These magical creatures manifested spontaneously in this piece. I consider them wisdom protectors.


“Somewhere around 700 B.C. there was a great meeting of diviners, magicians, historians, and sages of Northern China. The Golden Age of the Chou Dynasty was moving rapidly toward another Time of Trouble. At a last attempt to correct the time this group of elite “technicians of the sacred” decided to collect, organize, edit and set forth for general use the sacred divinatory language and practice called Change which might open a hole or window in time that looked to both past and future. They were desperately hoping they could create one of these windows.

“Here we see another important kind of time. Though the flow of time may appear fixed or implacable, there are unique moments called “dragon holes” usually associated with breakdown and flux when we intervene and change the flow. We do this through symbols. Symbols are the very stuff of time. They can change its flow and direction. Through... symbols we can reach back to a mythic time when humans lived happily and freely with spirits and allow that energy to flow into the present.” —Stephen Karcher



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