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Works on Stone, Marlow Brooks

Works on Stone


These works on stone are copies of ancient Taoist Talismans and Pictograms invoking the protection of earth and offering to ancestors. Chinese talisman developed as an occult artistic and healing tradition rooted in shamanistic practices of the first and second centuries B.C.E. They evolved into ritualistic symbols used in Taoist practices intended to communicate with the spirit world and influence the invisible forces of nature. Quan Yin, the goddess of compassion, arose later in history.



Hidden DragonWind HorseThunderLo River TurtleLingNothing Special

YiTalisman for Healing the BrainPlayLove
Beautiful Woman
Heaven's Rain
Works on StoneWorks on StoneWorks on StoneWorks on StoneWorks on StoneWorks on StoneDragons BreathSeeking But Not Finding the Recluse
Thunder TalismanDragon Green MountainGreen MountainHorseDragon
Wormhole Writing


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