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Ling, Marlow Brooks


In classical Chinese texts, Ling, "the Yin spirit of the heart, is considered the spiritual emanation of potency contained in our essence, Jing." In my understanding, when we are true to our heart and are aligned with our essence, we can arouse our inner potential to invoke resonant changes in our lives and the world.

The etymology of the character ling reveals its inner meaning. At the top, four drops of rain fall form clouds under heaven. In the middle, three months appear, and, at the bottom, two female shamans offer jade and dances to heaven. The image is a ritual dance for rain.

(Nourishing Destiny, Lonny S. Jarrett)

(2011/2012 Brushed Voices. The 16th Exhibition of International Contemporary Calligraphy. Art of Ink in America. Chiange Mai, Thailand and New York, United States)



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