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Invocation of Ancestors, Marlow Brooks

Invocation of Ancestors


The oldest symbols and characters that have come down to us in their original form are traced back to the 18th Century B.C.

Whenever “the ancient Chinese noblemen had been favored by their princes, or had experienced some sort of success or luck, they used to cast a bronze vase in memoriam. Symbols or Characters relating to the fact were molded on the interior side of the vase, which was placed on the accessorial temple of the family, and served henceforth as a ritual vessel, when oblations and libations were offered to the Manes. On the exterior side of the vase, two eyes of the Ancestor (top right), were figured, looking at his sons and grandsons with benevolence. We are indebted to these old bronze vases for all the old Graphies we possess... Often these images described presentations. In this case, the presentation is of a new carriage (bottom left) with the ordinary offerings. "

—Dr. L. Wieger, S.J., Chinese Characters




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