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Invocation of Ancestors, Marlow Brooks

Invocation of Ancestors


In ancient China, spirituality focused on ancestor worship and veneration of the various spirits of the place. Everything teemed with life; spirits of mountains, pools, springs, trees and rocks, demons and guardians, all were objects of veneration, fear, or placation. Each one of these pictures represents specific offerings to the gates of heaven.-Dr. L. Wieger, S.J., Chinese Characters

Top Left: “The presence of the Ancestor is figured by his two eyes looking with benevolence at the offerings.” Bottom Left: Note the frog-like images representing grandsons that are too young to stand upright crawling beneath the legs of their father. Middle: Ethereal son. Top Middle: “Sometimes the ancestor is figured by a ghost-like silhouette with a single eye, often surmounted by a triangle.” Right column: According to Wieger, the interpretation of this is “In the presence, of my ancestors, I, the son, holding the flint knife, offer raw meat, libations, precious things, wine and tow.”

—Dr. L. Wieger, S.J., Chinese Characters



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