Words of the Heart

Words of the Heart

by Marlow Brooks

Essay & Art with 10 paintings
2016 • $18 • 24 pages • 6 x 8.25″ • Hardcover • Full Color
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2016 • $12.95 • 24 pages • 6 x 8.25″ • Softcover • Full Color


About the Book

Chinese characters originate from an ancient pictographic language beginning more than 5,000 years ago. It has endured and transformed for centuries, and, as seen today, provides a visual mirror of China’s history and evolution. Even if we cannot read Chinese, the immediacy of the original embedded pictures still serve as a living expression of their ancient art and philosophy. This book will explore the meanings of several characters with the radical (visual clue) “heart.” It offers us a potent path of wisdom and healing from physician sages of ancient China. Not only do these words and images offer a path for the heart, but the practice of writing Chinese characters with brush and ink is considered the highest art form of China and Japan. The artistic practice demands that the writer know how to combine various strokes into a harmonious whole and infuse it with spirit, vitality, and feeling. The practice is rigorous and takes many years to master. However, even a beginner can benefit from calligraphy to compose the mind, quiet emotions, and awaken into one’s essential self.

I dedicate this little book to the ancient lineages and wise teachers who have inspired me. My aspiration for the reader is to appreciate the depth of wisdom hidden in this ancient language and culture.

May it open many hearts!

— Marlow Brooks