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“Everything in nature has a spirit, a resonance, an elemental energy; and in the same way we have a unique expression of our own. This energy can be accessed for through cultivating relationships with plant spirits and sharing their medicine for the health and harmony of our body, mind and spirit.”—Marlow Brooks 

Long ago while living in England, I studied Five Element Acupuncture with the renowned J.R. Worsley. I had heard that one of his former students, Eliot Cowan, was inspired by Dr. Worsley’s suggestion that, instead of needles, working with local plant spirits to heal the body, mind and spirit could be “a thousand times stronger” and had created a system combining 5 Element diagnosis and treatment with plant spirits. I found this thrilling and completed a rigorous four year acupuncture degree and private shamanic plant spirit studies with Eliot Cowan and others. 

From the beginning I found this medicine incredibly potent, magical and effective for just about any disease and imbalance of body, mind and spirit. By 1996, while living in Vermont, I was training healers and apprentices to add this powerful modality to their practices. We were all astounded by the remarkable results.

In 1997 I moved to Boulder, Colorado to teach “The Psychology of the 5 Elements” at Naropa University and have been teaching the year long course ever since. After 20 years of teaching, I wrote a book, “Singing our Heart’s Song: A Guide to the Five Elements and Plant Spirit Healing” (link)  sharing a comprehensive journey through the profound wisdom and knowledge I’d grown to revere.

Throughout the years I’ve coupled my university teaching with healing workshops and apprenticeships in Boulder, Colorado, at my wilderness cabins in the surrounding mountains, and all over the world. 

Contact me if you are interested in attending or setting up a workshop (at any location) or you wish to join my classes in Boulder, Colorado. I also offer private sessions in person and on the phone. 

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“Plant Medicine connects us to the spirit of place, which is to say the spirit of nature. The connection with nature is exhilarating and beautiful, but it is not a luxury. Connection with nature is health; health is life.” —Eliot Cowan

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