Artist Statement

I’ve been doing art all my life. It has always served as a powerful source of joy and connection for me. However, when I started meditating in 1975, I could no longer paint in the same way: meditation began to open a part of myself I had no language for. So I stopped for a while and discovered Oriental calligraphy, the highest art form of China, Japan, and Korea. The powerful images in black and white spoke to me deeply and I threw myself into learning the ancient discipline in depth. Also, over the years, I grew interested in bringing the ancient calligraphic images together with the painting and color I pursued in my earlier days.

My work as a healer and acupuncturist has taught me the importance of the power of chi (our life force) and its ability to bring the energy of life itself to every stroke of the brush (or pierce of the needle) and thus transform any image into a living force that wakes us up on the spot.

The breathtakingly beautiful Asian aesthetic traditions have served as a deep source of inspiration, nourishment and support for my life path, and fulfilled an ongoing longing, respect and search for these sources of wisdom. The roots of this longing, buried deep in the past, manifest at their best as colorful reflections in the present. They also deeply penetrate and reach for the future like a plant faces the sun and grows around any obstacle to find it. With this inspiration, I offer my work.