Mother Lineage


It is my heartfelt wish that in this troubled world, we remember nature’s healing powers. My work as a Plant Spirit healer and acupuncturist has taught me the power of “chi” and its ability to bring the energy of life itself to every stroke of the brush, which becomes a living force that can wake us up on the spot. This often takes the form of an invocation of the magical energy embodied in images and myths of ancient cultures and the natural world.

These pieces represent an often lost Mother Lineage that has nevertheless been with us in spirit since the beginning of time. Often while I am painting, I recognize images from ancient sources and bring them to life directly on the painting. Other times, feminine figures spring full-blown, and I simply trace their forms onto the page. Whether they are based on actual historical images or imagined, these Mothers embody an ancient source of healing from the Feminine and wisdom of the Earth.